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Human Development Scotland offers a range of professional and academic training courses, short courses and continuing professional development (cpd) opportunities.  We currently offer 3 academic training courses:

As part of our Human Relations and Counselling Programme we also offer:


Our cpd opportunities take the form of a variety of short courses, conferences, workshops and seminars. Have a look at our events page for details of what's coming up. Typical topics include:​​

Counselling     Infant mental health     Parenting capacity     Group relations     Leadership and authority      Couple development work

The Adult Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Training, previously delivered by the Scottish Institute of Human Relations, is now run as the Scottish Training in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (STPP) by the Scottish Association of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists (SAPP). For further information email SAPP on or telephone 0131 225 9268.


Organisations offering Financial Support

The Sutherland Trust

The trust makes small financial awards towards either fees for a course involving a substantial proportion of psychodynamic theory and practice or therapy/counselling undertaken in connection with the applicant’s current professional setting.

The Guntrip Trust

The Guntrip Trust offers financial support to people in religious vocations seeking counselling, psychotherapy, or group therapy, or who wish to train in the field of human relations.