Children & young people's service

The Human Development Scotland service for children and young people offers both assessment and treatment (counselling and psychotherapy). The service works with very young children through to young adults. We also offer consultations with parents, carers plus the statutory and voluntary agency services working with children.The service is staffed by professional psychoanalytic psychotherapists and psychodynamic counsellors. All are either members of the Association of Child Psychotherapists, the BPC or BACP and have trained in therapeutic work with children at the Scottish Institute of Human Relations or an equivalent institution. They are committed to the codes of practice and ethics outlined by their professional association and Human Development Scotland. ​


Counselling is a process of supported reflection that can ease stresses and worries. It often leads to greater self understanding which enables decisions to be made in the best interests of the person. At times of personal change, distress, challenge and loss many people have found counselling to be of great help.Our counsellors have wide experience and special areas of interest, such as working with couples or younger people, loss and bereavement, depression. We are committed to continuous professional development and to giving the best quality of care. We work to the Human Development Scotland Code of Ethics and to the standards of our professional associations.

Organisational consultancy

We offer consultancy services to individuals, groups and organisations concerned with the management of change or the management of stress at work. Equally, consultancy services are available to those individuals, groups and organisations who consider that reflection on inter-personal relations within the work place makes a significant contribution to the understanding and healthy development of organisational life.


People taking on new responsibilities, teams wishing to work more effectively and organisations facing particular issues may all benefit from our consultancy services.

Adult psychoanalytic psychotherapy


Psychoanalytic psychotherapy provides an opportunity to explore, make sense of, and work through the processes which inform feelings, thoughts and actions. The understanding and insight gained can alleviate emotional, mental and physical symptoms, and lead to more satisfactory and meaningful ways of conducting one’s life and relationships. Psychoanalytic psychotherapy is usually intensive long-term work and requires considerable commitment of time and energy. The frequency of sessions ranges from once to three or more times a week, and is worked out with the psychotherapist.