Scottish Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Training

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​The aim of the course is to equip trainees to conduct adult psychoanalytic psychotherapy at a specialist level, forming the basis for a senior post in psychotherapy in the NHS, the voluntary sector, or for working as a psychotherapist in private practice.


The training consists of four main elements:

Personal Analysis

Trainees begin personal analysis at least one year before the seminar course begins. This consists of a minimum of four sessions weekly with a member of the Training Committee and continues at least until the trainee has qualified.


A four term course of seminars in infant observation

This begins in the year preceding the main course and culminates in a written paper. Seminars take place in Edinburgh or Glasgow, usually on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening by arrangement.


Four year theoretical and clinical main seminar course

Two seminars are currently held each Tuesday evening during term time. They consist of:

  1. Theory: the theoretical orientation is that of modern British Psychoanalysis.

  2. Clinical practice: including confidential discussion of trainees’ cases.

This course culminates in a written paper.


​Supervised Clinical Work

During the training the trainee is required to see two patients individually, one female and one male, each for three times weekly psychoanalytic psychotherapy. The first case will be seen for a minimum of two years and the second for a minimum of 18 months. Each case is supervised in a weekly session with a member of the Training Committee.


This course is currently being hosted by the Scottish Association of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists (SAPP). For further information contact SAPP on or telephone 0131 228 3874