Organisational Consultancy

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Consultancy services are available to individuals, groups and organisations concerned with the management of change or the management of stress at work. Equally, consultancy services are available to those individuals, groups and organisations who consider that reflection on inter-personal relations within the work place makes a significant contribution to the understanding and healthy development of organisational life.

Requests for consultancy have come from people taking on new responsibilities, staff teams wishing to work more effectively and from organisations when they are facing particular issues. Opportunities will also be available to those wishing to reflect on and develop skills in their own consultancy work and practice.

The terms of reference for consultative work may involve one or two, or a series of meetings, a day conference event working with individual groups and inter-group relations, or other jointly agreed formats tailored to the nature of the organisation's needs. Teaching on the theory of groups and on organisational development from a psychodynamic perspective may be included as part of the consultancy.

Consultancy will generally include review and evaluation work on learning outcomes, and on effectiveness in reaching task objectives. The focus of consultancy is on learning from experience and on action research. To discuss consultancy services, contact the Team Leader, Richard Hosking by telephone on 0131 657 6213 or email richard [at]​​​.

Alternatively, contact the HDS office on 0141 331 2419 or by email using our contact form here.