Psychodynamic Counselling

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Counselling is a process of supported reflection that can ease stresses and worries. It often leads to greater self-understanding which enables decisions in the best interests of the person to be made. At times of personal change, distress, challenge and loss many people have found counselling to be of great help.


​Our counselling service is available in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Fife, ClackmannanshireAngus, Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. To contact the counselling team, call 0141 331 2419 or click here to e-mail us.


The Service
At HDS we want our clients to feel heard, held in mind and valued.  We will respond to enquiries within three days when a member of the counselling team will telephone and have a preliminary discussion with you. If counselling seems a helpful option, an appointment will be arranged at a time to suit you within two weeks. This initial consultation allows each party, the counsellor and you, to see if our approach is one that suits. Working with integrity and carefully considering what is in your best interests is of paramount importance to us. If we feel that you would be better helped elsewhere we will discuss this and recommend the more suitable alternative. You are then matched with a counsellor who may, but not necessarily, be the counsellor you met at the initial consultation.

Counselling sessions last for 50 minutes and are, as far as possible, at the same time each week.


The fee for the initial consultation is payable at the time, after which you will be billed on a monthly basis. Fees are £45 a session and are reviewed annually. Cancellations with less than two days notice are charged at the usual rate. If you have problems paying the fees we can give advice on ways to obtain financial assistance.


Counselling is open ended; you may choose to have six consultations, or to work with an HDS counsellor for a much longer period of time. We are all psychodynamically trained which means that we think that the past is a powerful influence on the present and we are aware of unconscious as well as conscious aspects of behaviour. We believe too that the relationship between the client and counsellor is very significant and we give this a lot of thought. Endings are discussed between the counsellor and client and are carefully managed.


Our Counsellors
Our counsellors have a wide range of experience and special areas of interest, such as working with couples or younger people, loss and bereavement, depression. Most are accredited with professional counselling and psychotherapy organisations and all meet the rigorous standards of HDS membership. We are committed to continuous learning and professional development and to giving the best quality of care. We work to the HDS Code of Ethics and to those of any other professional bodies to which we belong. There is a complaints procedure that covers all HDS services.


We are always pleased to discuss whether and how we can be of help. Our service offers a quick but considered and confidential response. We want to help you do what you can to enjoy your life and your relationships and find personal fulfilment.


Our clients say:

“My counsellor was one of the most insightful, careful people I have known. She was remarkable in her recall of the details of my life/circumstances, which made me feel very honoured.”

“I feel much more at ease with with myself and who I am. I have a much greater understanding and awareness of my life and how my past still influences the present.”

“I am more calm, less reactive, kinder on myself, more knowing of my own limits and capacities. A nicer person to live with!”

“I appreciated having the space to talk, to think, to explore. Having a counsellor that I trusted and could work with. Being given the opportunity to take as long as I needed.”

To contact Human Development Scotland call 0141 331 2419, or email us using the contact form here.